XpH Capsule Model


Set it and forget it with our XpH Capsule Model!

Each XpH Capsule Model comes with one complimentary Pod. Each Refill Pod is designed to last for about 4-8 weeks in its recommended reservoir size before needing to be replaced with a new Refill Pod. 

To stay well equipped, we highly recommend purchasing additional Refill Pods with your initial order.

Please select the appropriate unit that corresponds to your reservoir size.

Not compatible with Legacy Recharge Solution.

Product will ship within 2-3 business days.


If running the XpH with Reverse Osmosis (RO), Distilled, or Soft water, with few or no minerals, you may have to add Calcium and Magnesium (Cal-Mag) to help kick-start this process. Cal-Mag should be added first to water and given several minutes to interact before adding other nutrients

Smaller Reservoirs (20Gal or under) can tend to build up higher charges, and bring pH downward in some situations. Larger Reservoirs can be helpful, consistently topping off the water with less-charged source water (Fewer minerals, and higher pH), or reservoir water changes. This is adaptable to your style of growing.

Water movement and recirculation should be done within the system for better water health and efficient ion interaction.

Water is a living organism. Its mineral content, overall health, and environment can alter its state of charge (pH). This state of charge (pH) has direct effects on the growth rate and health of plants, which are electric, and bio-magnetic in nature. The XpH kickstarts, and then maintains a balanced state of charge (pH) within the water by storing a large amount of charged ions. These charged ions are slowly released and interchanged to interact with other minerals and elements in the solution, creating a stable pH and re-energizing the water. Due to all these varying properties of water, the State of charge (pH) of any given system of water, will vary some from one to another and can change during different stages of growth. Typical ranges are between 5.7-6.5, The XpH can be thought of as battery device, or storage cell for your water’s charge.

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