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[We] LOVE our new pH management device called perfectpH. NO MORE CHEMICALS in my water to buffer pH! This device is so awesome and ez to use.


I’ve really loved using the Torus so far!… The Torus Hydro device is doing exactly what [it] advertises and keeping the pH of the res super stable – I definitely recommend!


I did enjoy the PH PerfectpH and it worked for my Veg RDWC …[I used it] for four solid runs !

It worked very well. 35gal Gallon original PH PerfectpH Stick. These are the bomb ! …it’s truly the savior to water culture.

So far, so good.



Working well on all systems f&d [Flood & Drain], nft [Nutrient Film Technique], dwc [Deep Water Culture].

Everyone should be using these, absolute game changer!


Since I set my pH it’s been working.


I’m using the 35gal…and my pH is from 5.8-6.2


This thing basically maintains proper pH levels in hydroponics for optimal plant growth for you on autopilot. Pretty legit.