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Product Information

The Torus Hydro Automated pH Regulator is a revolutionary device that automatically stabilizes the pH of your hydroponics system, or source water, keeping it in the ideal range for optimal nutrient absorption.

With advanced ion-matrix technology, the Automated pH Regulator eliminates excess pH swing that inhibits plant growth and weakens the plants’ immune system.

By using the Automated pH Regulator, it can eliminate the constant need for chemical buffers, frequent reservoir changes, wasted water and nutrients, and will increase yields.


PH maintenance is an essential factor in any hydroponics setup. Without the plants being naturally rooted in the ground, excess ions build up in the system, creating a toxic environment for the plants. The Automated pH Regulator solves this by removing this charged ion build up, creating the perfect pH environment for your plants.


In order for your plant’s roots to uptake the nutrients essential for growth, a slightly acidic pH range is required. When the the pH travels outside of this zone you will experience “nutrient lockout” where the plants do not absorb the nutrients properly, stunting the plants growth and disrupting their immune systems.

Plant roots in the earth’s soil can naturally buffer against problems such as excess acidity or alkalinity by dissipating a build-up of H+/OH- ions into the ground.


  • Avoid excess pH swing that inhibits plant growth and weakens the plants immune system by removing excess toxic alkalinity build ups creating a perfect environment for plants.
  • Eliminates the need for chemical buffers, frequent reservoir changes, pests, wasted water/nutrients. It also helps increase yield.
  • In recirculating systems, Automated pH Regulator will auto balance to 5.7 – 6.5 pH. Although, most systems will generally balance between 5.8 – 6.2. It is recommended to set the pH initially using buffers, in order to maximize the charge capacity of the device. 
  • In non-recirculating systems, set your pH initially, then the Automated pH Regulator will keep it within ± 10% range.


  • Eliminate the constant need of buffers such as pH Up and down
  • No longer required to check daily pH, reduce risk to plants
  • Reduce frequency of reservoir changes
  • Use less water
  • Use less nutrients
  • Less maintenance and labor required

Automated pH Regulators

XpH Capsule Model

The XpH Capsule model incorporates our most advanced-to-date formula for automated pH regulation.  
After years of Research and Development into the ionic relationships of plant nutrient uptake, pH, and the study of water as a living organism, we have engineered a revolutionary process for interacting with a plants’ natural exchange of ions with its environment.

The XpH Capsule models will allow users to replace the ion bead Refill Pods after each 8-12 week cycle to ensure optimal efficiency. No additional liquid Recharge Solution is need (as required with our previous (Legacy)  capsule models.

Refill Pods

Torus Hydro’s Refill Pods keep your XpH – Automated pH Regulator working optimally. Our new and improved Refill Pods are incredibly simple and easy to use compared to our legacy liquid recharge solution.

These pods release the build up of H+/OH- ions that our Automated pH Regulators captures from your system.

Each package contains 3 pods. Each pod lasts an estimated 2-3 months.

XpH Toroid Model
coming soon

We are proud to announce our new XpH Toroid model! 

Through direct water flow via a pump, the improved interaction between the water/nutrient mix and ion bead matrix, enable more effective pH control.

Commercial Line

Torus Hydro can tailor solutions for projects of any size, 150,000 Gallon treatment facilities and more. 

Contact us today with your requirements, and our team of engineers will work with you to dial in the ideal setup, locally or international.

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