The most time consuming aspect of growing is often making sure pH is consistently in the ideal range for a great harvest. This usually requires checking pH daily with a meter and adding up/down pH chemicals to combat frequent pH fluctuations, in order to maintain pH in the right range for your crop.

That is unless you use the PerfectpH, an automatic pH balancer device by Torus Hydro. The PerfectpH makes sure your pH is always in the ideal range for growth, allowing your AutoPot set-up to run more automated than ever before.

See it in action below:




PerfectpH Inline Edition connects to a pump to recirculate the water/nutrients inside the tank of your AutoPot system, keeping pH safe from harmful swings and in the ideal range for optimal nutrient uptake.

PH stays balanced, so need for daily pH checking or frequently adding chemicals.

• Connect the PerfectpH Inline Edition: to a 3/4″ fitting pump (or a 1/2″ fitting pump, using the adapter included with the PerfectpH Inline Edition) with a recommended flow rate of 238 GPH or above.

• Place your pump and PerfectpH Inline Edition inside your AutoPot tank: so that the pump intakes your water/nutrients in from your tank and the PerfectpH Inline Edition releases bank into the tank, circulating your tank’s mixture thru the PerfectpH.

• Calibrate the device: in the very first 24-72 hours of use in your system of your new PerfectpH, you’ll see the pH drop to around 4.5-5.5 (depending on the size of your unit and tank and starting pH). When this happens, simply add a bit of pH up until pH stabilizes in the 5.7-6.2 range.

• Let it run: the PerfectpH will now maintain your tank’s pH in this 5.7-6.2 range, ideal for growing a great harvest without risk of nutrient lockout.

• Set it and forget it: to maintain your AutoPot now, you’ll simply add water and nutrients to your tank as needed and set your pH with up/down to ideal range when you do. The PerfectpH will maintain it in this range, keeping your grow automated without hacing to constantly check your pH or frequently adding pH chemicals. Your AutoPot system is now free from pH swings or problems, letting you grow easier than ever.

• Recharge for harvests to come: the PerfectpH is a reusable device, so every 2-4 months simply take it out of your system, fill it with the PerfectpH Recharge Solution and let it soak. After 2 hours, empty it out, give it a rinse with water, and hook it back up. You’re PerfectpH is now recharged and ready to go again, keeping your pH automated harvest after harvest.



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