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Automated pH Regulator Intro

Hydroponic growing is now easier than ever.

Automated pH Regulator is the world's first auto pH balancer for hydroponics systems. Set it and forget it with Automated pH Regulator.

  • Save time with automatic pH maintenance
  • Save money with less reservoir changes
  • Get greater nutrient efficiency for your plants

Benefits & Features

Automatic pH Maintenance

Know with confidence that your plants are safe from harmful pH swings. No more daily pH checks or chemical additions, you can take ease in knowing your pH is balanced in the perfect range for great harvests.

Less Reservoir Changes

By ionically balancing the system, not only is pH stabilized but the ionic health of the reservoir is better maintained and balanced. This safely allows for less frequent reservoir changes, saving time, labor, water and nutrients.

Greater Nutrient Efficiency

By targeting and eliminating pH swings at their root cause (charged hydrogen-ions that build up in the system over time), your plants have greater ease and ability to access nutrients as they need.

Reusable, Sustainable

 Recharges for repeated uses, with a simple rinse in Torus Hydro pH Regulator Recharge Solution.

• Cost-efficient recharging lets many growers save money compared to pH up/down chemicals.

• Multiple uses per unit, multiple recharges per bottle. Designed for sustainability, for growers’ budget, and a healthy planet.

• Recharge every 2-4 months, or use a larger model for your system and recharge even less often.

Find the model

Compatible With

  • DWC (Deep Water Culture)
  • NFT (Nutrient Film Technique)
  • Flood-and-Drain
  • Aeroponic Systems
  • Drip Systems
  • Cloner Systems
  • DTW (Drain-To-Waste)
  • Pre-Treatment / Holding Tanks
  • [For Hydroponic & Soil Cultivation]

How Does It Work?

Excess H+/OH- ions build up in the system during photosynthesis, causing pH fluctuation, blocking nutrients from proper absorption, weakening the plants’ immune systems and diminishing yields.

Using ion technology, the Torus Hydro pH Regulator attracts and captures the charged particles that influence pH, targeting pH problems at their source and keeping pH in the ideal range for proper growth.

PH is a measurement of charged-hydrogen concentration, and as this concentration changes growers then see spikes or drops in their pH value. What growers are actually witnessing is an excess of positive (H+) or negative (OH-) hydrogen ions building up, which then inhibit the plants from properly absorbing the nutrients they need. Without the Torus Hydro pH Regulator, this then requires growers to keep constant attention to make sure that the pH is maintained in the proper range.

The charts below represent a recirculating hydroponic system, where the plants themselves alter this hydrogen ion-concentration by releasing hydrogen ions into the water/nutrient mixture as they grow:

Excess H+/OH- ions build up in the system during photosynthesis, causing pH fluctuation, blocking nutrients from proper absorption, weakening the plants’ immune systems and diminishing yields.

With the Torus Hydro pH Regulator, excess H+/OH- ions are attracted and captured from the system, creating a balanced pH, a healthy reservoir environment, and greater nutrient-use efficiency, resulting in healthy plants and great harvests.

The Torus Hydro pH Regulator acts as an outlet for these ions, capturing ions that would otherwise raise or lower pH outside of the ideal range. Simply drop the Torus Hydro pH Regulator capsule model into your reservoir or connect the Torus Hydro pH Regulator Inline Edition to your pump, no power required.

What Growers Around The World Say

Since 2017 Torus Hydro has been delivering solutions to make hydroponics easier, simpler, and more sustainable for growers across the globe. Today the Torus Hydro pH Regulator has users in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, France, Germany, Sweden, Russia, Switzerland, Singapore, Chile, and more. See what growers around the world have to say:

Common Questions

Torus Hydro pH Regulator keeps pH maintained between 5.7-6.4 (often between 5.9-6.1 in many hydro grows), keeping a tight and controlled pH value, with a slight swing to allow for best nutrient absorption.

Yes! In addition to maintaining a stable pH, Torus Hydro pH Regulator keeps your water nutrient mixture in an overall ionically-healthy and balanced state.

This means less res changes are required to prevent salt build-ups. This also means that nutrients stay in their most bioavailable states for longer, enabling better uptake by plants and larger yields (up to 15-20% for some growers).

We don’t recommend using it to adjust your pH when adding water / nutrients, but instead to maintain pH of your mixture – to protect from fluctuations.
If the ‘baseline pH’ (untreated pH) of your water/nutrients is very high or very low, you may still need to use some pH up/down when your mix your solution.

To maintain the Torus Hydro pH Regulator, every 2-4 months soak your unit with Torus Hydro pH Regulator Recharge Solution, to keep it working at maximum efficiency.

Yes, the Torus Hydro pH Regulator can be used to maintain balanced pH in a reservoir tank (also
known as a pre-treatment tank or holding tank), which can then be used with a
drain-to-waste / drain-to-use / drip-to-waste / drip-to-use system, or can also be
used for non-hydroponic soil cultivation. This tank can be used as a source to
hand-water plants, or to pump-feed or gravity feed the system.
To use the Torus Hydro pH Regulator like this, connect the Torus Hydro pH Regulator Inline Edition to a pump and
place inside the tank. This will then circulate the water/nutrient mix through the
Torus Hydro pH Regulator, treating the mixture and resulting in a balanced pH and a healthy
reservoir environment. The diagram below represents this type of use:
It depends on the specifications of your exact grow, but we offer several different
Torus Hydro pH Regulator models to work for many different types and sizes of grow set-ups.
Use the product selector to learn more and find the model right for you (NEW: or try our grow-help AI chatbot by clicking the blue circle in the right corner).

Yes! We asked industry-titan hydroponics magazine, Maximum Yield, to run a thorough test of our capsule and inline units. Check out their results at:

Also, many growers using Torus Hydro products share their results and experiences on social media channels like Instagram. We’ve pooled together some of these reviews for you at or you can always check our Instagram for the latest grows using Torus Hydro at [check out the “tagged photos” icon – to see growers using Torus Hydro]

We want your experience with the Automated pH Regulator to be worry-free, which is why we offer comprehensive tech support if you run into any issues, and a full refund if for any reason you find it’s not right for you within the first 90 days of purchase. 

If you ever have any questions you can always email us at We’re always happy to chat!

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