Set it and forget it with PerfectpH.

The world’s first auto pH balancer.

The perfectpH makes hydroponic growing easier than ever, keeping your system's pH automatically balanced. Set it and forget it, the PerfectpH does the rest.

How Does PerfectpH Make Growing Easier?

For some, it's the freedom to know the key maintenance of their grow is on autopilot. For others, it's less physical strain to bend down frequently to maintain growing their medicine. Whatever it may be, ionically balancing your system with PerfectpH makes growing a great harvest easier than ever by offering several benefits:

• Passive pH Maintenance

• Less Reservoir Changes

• Greater Nutrient Efficiency


Reusable, Sustainable

• Recharges with PerfectpH Recharge Solution and use it for harvests to come.

• Multiple recharges per bottle* means good on the wallet and the planet.

*For most models, see model selector for more info.

Moneyback Guarantee

We want you to love our products.

If you feel the PerfectpH isn't for you, know that if you don't love it we’ll give you your moneyback (including shipping), guaranteed.

How Does It Work?

Using ion technology, the PerfectpH attracts and repels the charged particles that influence pH, keeping pH balanced for plants to thrive.

No power required, simply drop the capsule model into a reservoir or hook the Inline model to a pump.

Compatible With:

• DWC Systems (Deep Water Culture)
• NFT Systems (Nutrient Film Technique)
• Flood-and-Drain Systems
• Aeroponics Systems
• Drip Systems
• Cloner Systems
• DTW/RTW Systems (Drain-To-Waste / Run-To-Waste)
• Pre-Treatment Tanks / Holding Tanks (For Hydroponic & Soil Cultivation)
Check out the compatibility selector below to find the model right for your system.

Benefits Growers That Are:

• Spending time manually adding pH up/down chemicals on a regular basis 
• Using an auto-doser system where auto-maintenance is less of a concern, but are still adding chemicals into the system and dealing with fluctuations of reliability of the doser
Performing frequent reservoir changes, looking to save time and labor and to conserve water
• Growing hydroponically, and preferring to grow plants in a more natural way, more similar to growing in soil in the ground without shocking your plants with unnecessary chemicals

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What is the range?


What is the range?


What is the range?


What is the range?



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